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Dr. Amy's Presentations

Sharing her wealth of experience in the aging space, Dr. Amy provides down-to-earth, practical advice in all of her presentations.  Embellished with personal stories, she challenges audiences to think a little differently about how they see aging – in others, and in themselves.  Workshops allow participants to experience thought-provoking discussion and people enjoy the opportunity to interact while sitting together at tables! 
If a keynote presentation is more appropriate for your event, Dr. Amy’s warm and humorous style ensures audiences walk away motivated to make changes in their lives.


The following topics are great avenues for bringing clients together, inspiring staff, or motivating any audience to see ageing differently.

Transforming Your Caregiving Journey

  • Audience can be Caregivers, but intended for everyone
    (because we all face either being Caregivers or needing Care!)
  • Experiential aging
  • Discussion of Practical, Emotional, and Financial implications
  • Discovery that frustration and stress is normal
  • Learning to ask for help is key
  • Discussion and communication is paramount
Dr. Amy speaks on Caregiving
Dr. Amy speaks on Caregiving

Energizing the Rest of Your Life

  • A look at adding more LIFE to your years
  • It doesn’t matter how long you live… if you don’t have a sense of purpose, where’s the joy?
  • Reviewing relationships and how to build them
  • Where to turn for help
  • Everyone can benefit from reassessing what is most important

Women & Money

  • Empowering Women in midlife and beyond
  • Learn to be proactive and confident about money
  • Planning to have enough LIFE to get through aging issues
  • Reviewing social support and friendships
  • Having a sense of purpose
Dr. Amy speaks on Caregiving
Dr. Amy speaks on Caregiving

Aging Well

  • Later life happiness
  • The best time to consider the 3 key building blocks
  • Addressing the biggest issues in retirement
  • Having purpose, perspective, people in your life

Become an Age-friendly Business

  • This topic is for organizations wanting to better tap into the ‘boomer’ market
  • Clear advice about how to work with the 50+ crowd
  • Tips to help grow your business
Dr. Amy speaks on Caregiving


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