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Given the choice of living life to the fullest or being sideswiped by circumstance, most would relish the idea of creating their own path.  Dr. Amy speaks about the many options available in mid-life and beyond, for finding the most suitable solutions for our families.  Whether it’s needing assistance or giving help, there is so much more that could contribute to improve caregiving situations.
Life transitions increase exponentially as we age.  Proactive discussion of options and ideas is the first step to creating a healthier and more active future.  Dr. Amy helps others understand the evolution and issues that can occur as we get older and what we can do to help ourselves and loved ones be better prepared.

Many businesses need to get smarter about how they interact with older adults.  The numbers don’t lie – ‘boomers’ are aging and they are savvy, intelligent consumers with options.  In order to stay competitive, Dr. Amy consults and advises teams on best practices for serving elderly people with more appropriate and accessible methods.

In looking at retirement – or what is often now a ‘second career’ for many people – Dr. Amy reviews the dynamic impact that money has on our perspective of our future.  The longer we live, the more it costs.  So planning early is essential, in order to achieve those later-life dreams.

Current Positions Held

  • Vice President,
    International Federation on Aging
  • Co-Founder,
    Essential Conversations Project
  • International Faculty for the Society of Certified Senior Advisors
  • Canadian Academy of Senior Advisors
  • Certified Senior Advisor


Global Population aged 60+ by 2050


60+ aged adults experiencing age discrimination


Caregivers who financially support an aging relative


People who should make plans for life transitions



We face challenges never encountered before in our society with an ever-expanding aging market.  Caregiving needs have increased exponentially, resulting in more people giving more of their time to assist loved ones with daily living.  The ramifications of extended financial needs, an older workforce requiring time flexibility, and ‘boomer’s’ desires are all changing the landscape of what caregiving means.

Life Transitions

Dr. Amy shares 20+ years professional practice, as well as personal experience helping aging parents, to guide awareness of the impacts of life transitions and the wide-spread implications.

Aging Issues

Living longer means we need to address the needs of aging sooner.   Determining what’s important to us and how we want to live is critical to achieving the future we envision.

Essential Conversations

Talking to the most important people in your life about the most important things in your life.  Dr. Amy believes every family deserves an Essential Conversation.

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